low budget intro cutscene

Prepare to Dice!

The Plum-Lich is at it again and Paul the Warrior has to sort him out! Travel to the Dungeons of Korsera and do battle with the minions the Lich has put in your way! Defeat the Beefotaur, the Glum Knight and the Rad Dargon before facing off with the baddest of bad guys, himself… the undead Plum-Lich! Fight through multiple levels and even play with a FRIEND (if you’ve got one?)

So What is Dice Souls?
Dice Souls is a single-player print-n-play game you can play with just a pair of die and some tokens (use coins if needed). 

This game was meant to be an experiment in fitting a game with narrative, objectives, incentives, progressive difficulty and rule-set on a single sheet of paper that you can play yourself OR with an equally lonely friend! It took a month of procrastination and a couple of days to put together and was a fun design with limitations of having just two dice. Feel free to download, print and play it! Would love to get some feedback on it as well.

Download Dice Souls at my Itch.io