Extradiction Junior

Junior Extradiction (2007)

Junior Extradiction was a boardgame developed and published in 2007 by Soh WH of Ed-Infinitum (UK) Ltd. Our role in this project was as a Graphic Designer for the packaging and components.

Junior Extradiction is an educational vocabulary-building crossword type game not unlike Scrabble. There are three levels of play, increasing in difficulty for older children with more advanced vocabularies.

In each level of play, children choose cards, write the words on those cards onto the Scrabble-like grid game board, and then score points based on the values of the squares.

In the lower-level games, an adult helper reads the word to the child and helps him or her write the word on the grid. In higher-level games, children must guess the word based on a given definition and then write it on the grid, scoring points based on both the values of the squares and the number of “zones” the word passes through.

Chance squares introduce an random element. If a word crosses one, the player writing the word chooses a card that can earn them bonus points or cause them to lose points.

BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/164306/junior-extradiction