House of Santa

Designed by Yee Carrie @carriecanoso and Yee I-Van @artbug83

Isolated somewhere in the Arctic Circle, the unassuming Mr. Kringle, kindly souvenir shop purveyor by day, by night, the mastermind behind the largest International Toy Distribution Ring, Santa Claus.

The facility is Claus’s Arcology, a self-sustaining toy factory cum doomsday bunker hidden deep underground in the inhospitable Arctic climate. Stealth Field Generators hide Santa’s true location from the prying eyes of the governments of the world and greedy children. The facility is self-sustainable thanks to its supply of renewable clean geothermal and biomass energy production. This in turn powers the pumps and heating of the entire structure ensuring that the temperature is a constant comfortable 20°C, perfect for ensuring the inhabitants are in the prime of their health.

An army of mythical elves work tirelessly in this 5-storey megaplex to produce enough toys for all the children of the world. Santa is a firm believer of Happy Elf, Happy Self and strives to make working conditions optimal for his diminutive staff.

Operations naturally fall to the resourceful Mrs. Claus who operates the day-to-day management and administration of Finances and Elf Resources. She also takes personal pride in ensuring the delicacies offered at the Cafeteria are nutritious with the occasional treat thrown in.

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