Additional Rules

Here at Alchymy Games, we love to have our players come up with new innovative ways to play HR.
If you’d like to submit ideas to us, feel free to get in touch with us on Discord.

Speeding Up / Shortening the Game

The original rules state that for 2 players, each Manager gets 8 employees, 3 players = 5 employees and 4 players = 4 employees. The game can be shortened to 4 employees each in a two Manager game instead of 8. This would speed up the game substantially.

HR On the Fast Track

Contributed by Priyanka

This Rule speeds up the game for two-player games and was contributed by Manager Priyanka.
If both Managers have 8 employees each, this rule intends to intensify the game.

During your turn, instead of playing just 1 Action/Misconduct/Project card per turn, each Manager can play as many cards from their hand as possible. At the end of the turn, the Manager redraws to make sure they maintain their 5 cards in hand.