Mar 6, 2023

Of Next Generations

MYMP Team & Volunteers

After the recent elections, it is nice to say things have settled down somewhat in the country (at least politically) and everyone can go back to worrying about other things. For Alchymy Creative, it also meant it was time to revisit all the MPs that were replaced during the recent elections!

Why? Alchymy Creative was responsible for the hundreds of pixelating hundreds of Malaysia’s Members of Parliament for the MYMP Project which was an initiative to hold our politicians accountable by making data available to the public in a digestible form. This came in the form of a website where our MPs were listed like little RPG characters and their performances are derived from their very actions and deeds in Parliament (eg. if they did not attend their parliament sessions, their scores were greatly affected).

This was our way of contributing in the never-ending fight for a better Malaysia.

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