Feb 6, 2021

Of Global Pandemics and Jams

The Pandemic is still raging on and my annual role as a Regional Organiser was a messy encounter with the entire Global Game Jam going fully online. Thankfully, friends stepped in to help organize and a few recruits made the jam not only enjoyable but allowed me to also participate (a rare treat).

Derpy Birds aplenty~!

So we put together something reasonable within our time limitation, a simple maze escape game where you play a rotund bird stealing eggs from Grumpy Birds! (Supercell please don’t come knocking!). Go ahead an try our game at https://alchymy.itch.io/sillychonkobo

Myself, Chris Lee and Thomas Tai

Most importantly, it was a blast being able to jam with some energetic young developers and hope to see you guys around again at some other jam or event! Til next year! Global Game Jam is DONE!

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